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Cocos 3D is plain sailing in use 3D application development framework for the iOS platform. With the Cocos 3D, you can create wonderful 3D games and applications by making use of Objective-C.

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Cocos 3D is an important add-on to Cocos 2D, highly favoured, wonderful framework for developing iOS games and applications that plays out in 2D. Cocos 3D includes mesh models, lighting, projection cameras. With cocos 3D, you can occupy a place in your world with 3D models exported from 3D editors like Sds Max, Cheetah3D, Blender, merged with the models you develop in your Objective-C code and users can communicate with your 3D objects by the help of touch events.

Both the cocos 2D and cocos 3D are developed on OpenGL ES frameworks, and both of these are written in the native Objective-C in close association to all iOS developers. With the help of cocos 3D, without much efforts, you can create 3D games or application without going into fundamentals of OpenGL ES and without moving to C or C++, as it is needed in most other 3D frameworks.

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